Monday, August 31, 2009

The Seal Judgment of the End Times

Observable Signs Of The Seal Judgments

Q. If known, what are the observable earthly signs associated with each of the Seals as Christ opens them? If we are still here, for example, will one be able to say, “Oops!! There went Seal Number 3.” As a different question (so as not to allow date setting) when, among the six Seals, do you believe the Rapture will occur?

A. The observable sign of the first seal of Rev. 6 is the appearance of someone who seems to be a great peace maker, the proverbial “man on the white horse.” But it soon becomes obvious that his real intent is conquest. This is the one who will later be identified as the anti-Christ. The sign of the second seal is the rapid escalation of war around the world. The third is widespread famine from which only the wealthy are exempt. The fourth is the death of 1/4 of the world’s population from war, famine and pestilence. The fifth is Christian martyrdom on a grand scale, and the sixth is giant earthquakes triggering volcanic eruptions that turn the sky black with smoke and particulates. The consensus on Earth will be that they’re being caused by the wrath of God.

Although we can see evidence of all these things developing now, I believe the Rapture will occur before they mature into their complete Biblical fulfillment. I say this partly because only the Church can sing the song from Rev. 5:9-10, and that song is sung by a group in Heaven before the seals are opened.

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