Tuesday, March 10, 2009

USA in the Bible

Is The USA In Bible Prophecy?

Q. I have some thoughts on the USA in prophecy and wanted your opinion on these. I have a very hard time believing that we can’t see the USA in prophecy, I think that we don’t want to see it in prophecy because of our love for this country and our pride. This country is way too influential and center stage/unique to overlook and to ignore these facts is like being blinded to a major truth.

It also seems possible that this country could represent the great whore in the bible, because of the trade, commerce intertwining with the other countries and I wonder if this is the place that will be mourned at some point because of destruction, either financial ruin or other destruction. In other words, I think that this country could be the new Babylon.

A. The reason I don’t see the US in prophecy is that there’s not one verse in the Bible that can be used to support this view. We Americans think that we’re so important that surely we must be in the Bible, but when compared to the countries who are mentioned we are nothing more than a flash in the pan, a country with a little over 200 years of history, and only 70 of that significant to the rest of the world.

Sure, we’re guilty of enough sin to be compared to Babylon, but we didn’t start every single pagan religion like Babylon did, we aren’t second only to Jerusalem in terms of mentions in the Bible as Babylon is, and we aren’t located in the cradle of civilization where Babylon is. Our main connection to Babylon is that we’ve enabled it to be reborn for it’s role in the end times.

And in case you haven’t noticed, we’re about to be consigned to the dust bin of history, well before the major End Times events get under way. Half of our wealth has disappeared in the last few months, and soon we won’t be able to borrow any more money to fund our budget shortfalls. That means we won’t be able to fight any more wars or even guarantee our own security, let alone anyone else’s.

Some say we can recover from this, but they’re not taking into account the fact that the citizens of this country who belong to God will disappear shortly, further weakening America while the focus shifts to Europe and the Middle East, just like the Bible says.

The inescapable fact is that as far as Bible prophecy is concerned, there is no US in the End Times.

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