Thursday, March 19, 2009

What If An Adult Has A Sudden Accident?

What If An Adult Has A Sudden Accident?

Q. I agree with you on the age of accountability concept but what about a person who’s an adult and hasn’t accepted Jesus in faith gets into an accident and suffers an acquired brain injury and is no longer intellectually competent? What do you think Gods word says about this? I know of no clear position in scripture.

A. There’s nothing in the Bible about this because it’s mot a legitimate exception. The adult who suffers an accident and loses his or her intellectual capacity is no different from the one who dies suddenly. A sudden accident or death may take us by surprise but not the Lord. He knew it was coming and had arranged for the person to hear the gospel before hand. Otherwise they could rightly accuse God of being unjust. If the person didn’t accept then it’s too late.


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