Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Ark in the Millenial Temple

The Ark And The Abomination

Q. Thank you for your study and for answering our questions. My question is do you think we could be missing a literal reading of Dan 9:27? I know many translations vary, but Luther translated it “And upon the wings shall stand the abomination of desolation” and I was wondering if it could possibly mean that the antichrist might set up an image, whether a statue or a hologram of himself, right atop the rebuilt ark in the rebuilt temple. The mercy seat above the ark has two angels with outspread wings. Isn’t the mercy seat supposed to become the throne of Jesus when He comes to reign in the new Jerusalem. What better place to put an idol of himself?

A. There’s been much speculation about the Ark of the Covenant and its mercy seat, which was God’s Throne when He dwelt among the Israelites in the First Temple period. Various explorers and scholars have reported knowing of its whereabouts and some even claim they’ve seen it.

But when you read the Bible’s account of the rebuilt Temple (Ezekiel 40-46) you discover that the Ark is not mentioned anywhere. In fact, although there are several references to a Temple on Earth in the End Times the Bible’s only mention of an ark is in the Temple in Heaven (Rev. 11:19) I think the idea of a re-discovered Ark could just be an explorer’s dream.

The Ark was God’s throne. Jesus was promised David’s throne (Luke 1:32) which is a euphemism for rulership over Israel.


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