Sunday, May 3, 2009

Christian World View?

What’s A Christian World View?

Q. Thanks for all of your insights and thoughtful answers to the questions of your readers. The questions are great and so are the answers.

In many of your articles I have seen you speak of a “Christian World View.” I think I have that view but I would like to know what that view consists of in your opinion. I feel that it is looking at the world through the Bible and it’s prophecies, looking at what is happening in the world news and relating it to prophecy and living in anticipation of what Jesus said would happen in the end times in which we are living. Am I close?

A. Good question. The Christian world view holds that the Church is in the world but not of it. That means we know we don’t belong here, so we don’t try to fit in. Our thoughts and actions are focused on Heaven, where we do belong, and on making sure we’ll have a good life there. We long for the return of the Lord because we know that when He returns He’ll take us there. We love the things that God loves, hate the things He hates, and can’t wait till we’re with Him for good, because that’s our destiny. (Surveys show that less than 10% of Christians have this view.)

What About The Other 90%?

Q. I read with interest your description of the Christian World View. You commented that surveys show less than 10% of Christians feel this way or agree with this world view. What do the other 90% see as their world view? Any thoughts?

A. Yes. According to the survey, the other 90+% of professing Christians hold a secular world view. They’re focused on the things of this world, desiring the same consumption driven materialistic lifestyle as non-believers. They don’t think much about the 2nd Coming or of the eternity to follow. Like the seed that fell among the thorns in Matt 13:22, the worries of this world and the deceitfulness of wealth have choked them and stunted their growth, making them entirely unfruitful.


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