Monday, February 23, 2009

Be born again!

Church Goer Or Believer?

Q. Recently I read that end times prophecy turned you from life long church goer to born again believer. Can you explain what you meant? Wouldn’t your going to church faithfully because of God mean that you believed in God and subsequently Jesus? I understand if you’d rather not get personal but I’ve experienced the same, I prayed for salvation when I was nine because I didn’t want to go to hell, and I went to church ever since. I believe strongly today but I feel I was saved then and wondered if you felt that you were saved before you were a “born again believer”. After all, isn’t it simply belief in Jesus and that he died for us enough? Some people never have a born again experience.

A. There are many life long church goers who aren’t saved and I was one of them. Sure, I “believed” in Jesus but I didn’t think I was a sinner, so I didn’t think I needed a Savior. Therefore I never prayed for salvation. My church didn’t teach the need for that. We were taught that membership in the church was all that was necessary to go to heaven when we died. Now I know that no matter how much time we spend in church, we aren’t saved until we admit we are sinners, accept the Lord’s death as payment for our sins, and ask Him to save us. Lot’s of people don’t have a “born again experience” Being saved is a conviction not an emotion.


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