Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Global Warming and Extreme Weather

A Global Warming Question

Q. Do you believe global warming is a concern we ought to worry about? If you do how ought we to handle it? I do not trust the global warming advocates. If it is real do you think it could be part of the plan of God to bring about more global sanctions and rules preparing for global government?

A. As believers we’re responsible to be good stewards of the Creation over which we’ve been given dominion. It just plain crazy to trash our environment, even if we are going to leave it soon. Aside from being disrespectful to God, it doesn’t make any more sense than destroying a hotel room we’ve been staying in just because we’re leaving it.

That said, I’m persuaded that like most things in the news today, the global warming issue is more political than real. But I think it’s more likely part of the enemy’s agenda to hasten the day of global government because only an over arching world authority could enforce laws pertaining to it.

America has to be weakened economically, militarily and politically before a global government can succeed and it’s easy to see the mounting attacks on all these fronts. They grow stronger and bolder by the day, both within and outside our borders.

Are We Causing Global Warming?

Q. I read your site daily, and it continually keeps me focused. my question is do you think that we humans are causing the ” global warming” with our vehicles? Anything else you would like to say would be beneficial.

A. Recent studies indicate that all fossil fuel consumption combined constitutes about 1 percent of the cause of global warming. By far the most significant contributing factor is that the sun is simply getting hotter. This trend is consistent with the prophecy that during the bowl judgments the sun will get so hot that people will spontaneously burst into flame (Rev 16:8-9)

Extreme Weather

Q. I have a question, it seems that the weather is getting more and more extreme. Floods, violent wind, hurricanes, drought, fires, major earthquakes. And the blame is being put on global warming. Do you believe this, or is it just signs of the times? And will it get worse until the second coming? Also could the extreme weather have anything to do with the Magnetic polar reversal? Thank you for any answer.

A. It’s no secret that weather is getting more extreme. A number of researchers say that Earthquakes are getting more frequent and more intense, too. I think weather will continue to become more extreme, and some scientists place part of the blame for that on the fluctuating magnetic field. The poles are already moving and the strength of the field is diminishing.

If we’d just admit it, the overwhelming cause of whatever global warming is taking place is the fact that the Sun is getting hotter. This is also predicted for the last days.

Extreme Weather And The End Times

I just saw on CNN news that Europe is experiencing extreme weather conditions, floods, droughts and heat. As you know the USA is also experiencing extreme weather. I would like to know if you believe this has to do with the end times.

Q. I just saw on CNN news that Europe is experiencing extreme weather conditions, floods, droughts and heat. As you know the USA is also experiencing extreme weather. I would like to know if you believe this has to do with the end times. It seems peculiar that it is the USA and Europe since we are the nations that might be trying to get Israel to divide Jerusalem. I have also noticed that the news does not seem to talk about the weather conditions as much as one would think if it is as severe as it seems.

A. Jesus said that extreme weather would be one of the “birth pangs” that indicated the nearness of the End of the Age. Earthquakes and the roaring and tossing of the sea are specifically mentioned. And several sites on the web have demonstrated that a comparison of efforts to force Israel to give up land for peace with the occurrence of extreme weather defies coincidence.

There has been unusual weather in both the USA and Southern Europe, but the hurricane season here has been vary calm so far.

It looks as though Israel will soon be persuaded to give up almost all of its Biblical heartland to the Palestinians. We should watch to see, if this latest push to trade land for peace comes off, what the weather will bring as a response.

Does The Devil Cause Bad Weather?

Q. It is my understanding that the bad weather (earthquakes, tornados, etc.) that we have now are demonic and not ‘acts of God’. I have found many scriptures that I feel back this indirectly but none that say directly that the weather we are having is from the evil in the world. Can you help me?

A. I don’t believe that storms are demonic activity rather than acts of God. I believe that the very first storm on Planet Earth produced the Great Flood, a judgment from God that came as the result of demonic activity. The Principle of First Mention would lead us to conclude that devastating storms are a form of judgment for sin, so I guess you can say that there’s at least an indirect relationship there. In effect, God told Noah that these storms would continue to come but they would never again be as bad as the first one had been. The rainbow is a sign that reminds us of His promise. (Genesis 9:12-16)

An impressive study has been made comparing the occurrence of killer storms with efforts by the West in general and the US in particular to force Israel to give up a portion of its land. If accurate, this would support the judgment theory.

And finally, Jesus said that the increase of both frequency and intensity of earthquakes would be a sign that the End is drawing near. (Matt. 24:7-8)


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