Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bible Questions

Casting The Stones?

Q. I recently heard that the stones on the breastplate that the priest wore, were taken out, and cast down, much in the way (for those who practice it) chicken bones are thrown down, to see what God wanted them to do. I was told, “that is the only way they heard from God”.

This, I just don’t believe! I have never read anywhere in God’s word of the Preist throwing down the stones out of the breast plate. Surely, if God can speak to Moses, and Abraham, He spoke to those High Priests.

Also, on tithing. Study the word “storehouse”. A lot of people think “money” If it was only money, then why did Paul need all that help carrying it with him? Anyway, just some of my thoughts.

A. There’s no merit to the idea that the High Priest took the stones out of the breast plate and cast them down. He received answers from God with the Urim and Thumim, two lots kept in a hidden pocket behind the breastplate. One meant yes and the other meant no. Which ever one He pulled out of the pocket was God’s answer. (Exodus 29:30, Numbers 27:21)

According to some, the reason Paul needed help to carry the offering was that they converted it to gold coins and had them sewn into their clothing. They did this to avoid being robbed on the highway. Had they not done so it would have required a wagon to haul all the silver coins and that would have drawn the attention of highway robbers.

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