Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How is it that Jesus is called as 'the Son of David'?

The House And Lineage Of David

Q. Since Joseph & Mary were not a married yet & God said that Jesus would come from his (Joseph) lineage, wouldn’t that mean that it had to be Mary’s lineage? or did Joseph & Mary really get together to fulfill what God said? Also I did watch a documentary that said Mary was a virgin when the two got married, but then did their wedding thing that would fulfill what God said? Thank you for this chance to ask a question.

A. The complete phrase is “house and lineage of David”. Comparing the genealogies of Matthew 1 (Joseph’s) and Luke 3 (Mary’s), you can see that both Joseph and Mary were descended from King David. Therefore both were of the House of David. But Matthew’s account shows that unlike Mary, Joseph was also in the royal line of succession through King Solomon and therefore of David’s lineage as well. (Luke 2:4) Mary was a descendant of Solomon’s brother Nathan.

Just before the Babylonian captivity God had cursed the royal line, saying that no King would ever come from them again (Jere. 22:28-30) and yet He had promised David that descendants of Solomon’s would rule over Israel forever. (1 Chron. 17:11-14)

Jesus was a blood relative of Mary’s, and therefore of the house of David. When Joseph married Mary, Jesus became his legal son and therefore entered the Royal line. Now He was of the house and lineage of David. But since He and Joseph were not biologically related, He escaped the blood curse. Thus Jesus became the only man since 600 BC qualified to become the King of Israel and sit on David’s throne, something Gabriel had promised to Mary (Luke 1:32-33) and that will be fulfilled in the Millennium.

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